Increase GAP Sales at your Hyundai Dealership

gap_carYou have access to the best GAP policy on the market.

As you know, the regulation has changed when it comes to selling GAP Insurance. At Motorway Direct, we know what works and what doesn’t. Our GAP services ensure you can make the most of this product, whilst also ensuring you comply with the new FCA Regulation.

In addition to all Hyundai dealerships already offering the gold standard AA Gap Insurance product via us, we can also now offer two additional straightforward solutions:

1. Outsource everything to Motorway Direct Plc.
Get GAP insurance sales off your plate completely, or start offering it if you don’t already. Our complete outsource team can help. They have the skills, know the product and know your customers needs and wants when it comes to GAP.
How does it work? you simply supply us with details of the customers you have just sold cars to, and we will contact them mindfully.

2. Win those Non-conversions
Our ‘Post Sales Sweep’ product will contact those potential customers who did not buy GAP and we contact the clients to make sure no opportunities are missed.
How does it work? you simply supply us with details of the clients that didn’t take up the product, and we will contact them on your behalf.

Why our GAP is a differentiator

Our Gap Product is like no other, we have tailored it to meet FCA requirements and ensure you always treat your customers fairly. We have rolled all the possible Gap options into one simple product. This means you do not have to worry about the type of GAP product to offer your customer – this fits all.

Our policy has been designed to meet all the requirements your customer would need in a product, despite the method of purchase of the vehicle. We ensure that this product works in the best interest of your customers. Read more on page 9 of your user guide or download here.

Why choose us?

  • Dedicated, specially trained and allocated team.
  • Professional representation of your brand – we act carefully on your behalf.
  • Your own account manager and personal touch.
  • One of the UK’s largest providers since 1996.

So start selling, or outsourcing today! contact us on the form below to request more information or a call-back.

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