Providing solutions for a wide range of distribution channels

Motorway Direct have the unique ability to design bespoke products and packages to suit almost any customer profile and therefore satisfy any target distribution channel. Our clients include Motor Retailers, Finance Houses, Banks and Building Societies, Personal Loan Providers, Insurers, Brokers and Affinity Groups.

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A car warranty can help protect motorists in the event that their vehicle suffers a mechanical or electrical fault. As a business, having a warranty program can help to enhance the sale of your vehicles and increase customer retention rates for aftersales services and maintenance work. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance products are designed to protect motorists in the event that their vehicle is written-off as the result of an accident, fire or theft. With GAP insurance you can offer your customers total peace of mind. GAP insurance is of particular relevance to those purchasing vehicles on finance plans.

Tyre & Alloy Insurance provides motorists with protection against damage to their tyres and alloy wheels.

Cosmetic Warranty allows motorists to protect their vehicle against unsightly minor cosmetic damage

MOT Test Cover provides protection for a range of parts during the MOT test and will cover the cost of repair, replacement or adjustment.

Roadside Assistance gives customers peace of mind should their vehicle break down.

The Motor Ombudsman