Frequently Asked Questions

This page gives guidance on how to make a claim, submit evidence, settlement of your claim, and how to contact us.

Our phone lines can often be very busy. If you need an update on an ongoing claim, please email referencing the Vehicle Registration and/or Product Number.

Make a Claim:

Using the form: is our preferred method of notifying us of a claim.

Evidence Submission:

Any claim evidence should be emailed to:

Photographs should be clear and in focus.

At Least 50kb and less than 10mb.

Scanned/Photographed documents should be clear, without shadow, contain no other objects or features such as fingers, and be taken against a plain, light coloured background.

Submitting evidence late or not following these guidelines, may slow the claim down.

Concluding your Claim

If your claim has been authorised and the repair completed, please email your invoice to:

Payment of Claims

We will always, where possible pay any claims into your bank account.

Direct to Customer

Payment will only be made to a bank account of the person named in your product documentation. A joint account is also acceptable if one party is named.

If we are settling the claim direct to a customer, the customer needs to email giving sort code, bank account number, contact details, policy number and vehicle registration.

Direct to Repairer

Any repairer that we don’t have bank account details for, please email from your company email address to giving sort code, bank account number, contact details, policy number and vehicle registration.

If you do not have a company email domain and use a generic mail account such as Gmail, then these details need to be attached and on company headed paper or details added to your repair invoice.

Please note: No repairs should be carried out before obtaining an authorisation number from us.

If you have knowingly provided false information about a claim, you may be liable to prosecution. Motorway Direct may seek to recover from you any costs it has reasonably incurred in the investigation of a claim you have falsely made.