Dealership Support with a Dedicated Account Manager supported by a central team


Our products are supported by a comprehensive programme of services for dealers including the ‘PolicyReg’ on-line policy registration system.  For our full range of dealer-supported branded products and options please contact our client support team. 

FCA Regulation

Dealers need to be regulated by the FCA in order to provide customers with our full range of insurance products (except Dealer Care Extended Warranty).

Administration / PolicyReg

 Our Policy Registration System (PolicyReg) is a fully comprehensive and adaptable ‘on-line’ system which can be incorporated into existing management systems or as a standalone system in its own right. The system needs only an internet-enabled PC for operation – no additional software or hardware installation is required. 

PolicyReg has clear market proven benefits over paper based systems in terms of both document storage requirements and processing times – savings which are ultimately passed on to your customers. 

Features such as Management Reports, Postcode Lookup, Vehicle Registration confirmation and Credit Card Validation are all key to keeping PolicyReg a useful tool in any environment, be it a small Private Dealership right through to a larger scale Tele-sales application.

PolicyReg ensures any combination of Motorway Direct insurance products can be tailored to your customers’ requirements and activated immediately at the point of sale. 

Claims Processing 

The success of Motorway Direct has been built around its claims handling ability.  We only employ experienced, time-served technicians and have developed in-house systems which effectively control costs without impacting customer service. 

The assessment of claims takes place by telephone, allowing dealers direct communication with the assessing engineer. This provides two-way discussion and prompt resolution of a claim. This, combined with use of real time information on every call creates a level of service which could not be achieved by any other channel of communication. 

Staff Training

Training for your staff can be designed and delivered either on-site or at our Head Office.

 Purpose-built resource courses are configured to fit with the philosophy of each target group and embrace the full range of activities encountered within the Retail Sector (F&I, Sales and Aftersales Opportunities).

 Backed by a variety of bespoke course material and related selling aids (we have a variety of branding options to suit your dealership) and given adequate client support, they have a proven record of improving sharp-end performance, for example, upsell penetration and backsell. 

 Assistance with mailshot and telesales scripts can be arranged on-site or alternatively, programmes operated on behalf of clients.

 These activities dovetail with services provided through our Design & Print Studio.

Reporting and monitoring 

Dealer visits can be arranged to suit individual requirements. Quarterly reviews will be conducted with appropriate dealership staff and will provide an overview of dealership warranty activity, highlighting potential training needs. 

Quarterly reviews, conducted with appropriate staff from both sales and aftersales departments easily highlight critical performance indicators. Not only volume of product retailed within the period, but product mix; upsold units; profitability; claims analysis; loss ratios; service retention and claims performance bonus status.  All staff allocated to each account are capable of the qualitative activity necessary to fulfil the review process (ISO9001 certification covers all areas of our business. We remain the only provider in this field for which certification extends to encompass sales force activity).